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Ceiling Fan Balancer App Parts: Balancing Kit, Clips, Weights, Masking Tape, Permanent Marker, Measuring Tape.

• Purchase a ceiling fan balancing kit for clips and weights.
• Turn off other fans or air conditioners in the room.

Check Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Balancer App Check. Blade screws must be secured. No rotating housings. Set air direction to down.

• Blades must be securely fastened and should not bounce up and down.
• This app cannot be used on fans with housings that rotate.
• Set fan direction to blow air down.

Draw Center Dot

Ceiling Fan Balancer App Center Dot. Place wide masking tape with a black dot near the center of the fan.

Draw a black dot on wide masking tape about one third the width of the tape. The dot should be around 5/8in,15mm in diameter. Secure the dot near the center of the fan.

Alternatively, tape a small coin to the bottom of the light fixture with the light on. Use a permanent marker to darken the face of the coin.

Number Blades

Ceiling Fan Balancer App. Number blades in a clockwise direction using masking tape.

Pick any blade to start. Label blades '1', '2', '3', etc. in a clockwise direction using masking tape.


Only place tape on the metal arms. Do not put tape directly on the blade. This may damage the blade.

Check Wobble

Simply point the camera at the dot to check the wobble strength in realtime.

Balance Fan

When instructed, place a clip at the end of each blade and record the wobble of each blade. The best position to place weights will be determined.

Add Clip to End of Each Blade

Ceiling Fan Balancer App. Place a clip on each blade and record the wobble.

When instructed, place a clip at the end of each blade. Run fan at the highest speed.

Record Data for Each Blade

Ceiling Fan Balancer App. Hold the phone under the fan to record the wobble for each blade using the camera.

Hold camera around 2ft/60cm from fan. The fan should be centered on screen. The dot should be anywhere inside the white rectangle. Hold camera steady for a few seconds. App will indicate when finished.

A red crosshair will show dot position. If this is not shown, draw a larger or smaller dot, or make the dot darker.

Red indicators will show no blade movement. Move camera away until indicators are gone.

Record data for all blades.

Add Clips to Balance Fan

Ceiling Fan Balancer App. The best position for the clips and weights to fix the wobble is shown. Place the clips on the blades and run fan on high speed.

Once the best position for the clips is found, place clips as indicated and run fan. If wobble is still present, check the fan and screws again. Repeat if necessary.

Replace Clips with Permanent Weights

Once the wobble is gone, remove the clips and properly secure permanent weights in their place. You're done!

Help / Best Results

Tighten all screws! Loose blades will give inaccurate results.
Use a permanent marker to prevent the dot from reflecting light.
• If the fan light is too bright, try a different light source or use the camera light instead.
Allow fan to come to full speed before recording.

*Ceiling fans that wobble inconsistently or vibrate cannot be balanced regardless of method used. The fan may need to be repaired or replaced.

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