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Turn off power to the ceiling fan.

Clean Ceiling Fan

Clean dust and debris from the ceiling fan.

Tighten Motor Screws

Tighten screws connecting the ceiling fan blades to the motor.

Tighten Blade Screws

Tighten screws holding the ceiling fan blades to the metal blade holders.

Tighten Downrod Set Screw

Tighten the setscrews holding the ceiling fan housing to the downrod.

Check for Warped Blades

If fan blades are warped, the ceiling fan should be repaired or replaced.

Measure Blade Height

Verify that all blades are the same height from the ceiling. If blades are not near the same height, take all blade holders off and compare them. Carefully bend the blade holders back into shape and reinstall. Be careful not to break them!

Run Ceiling Fan

Run ceiling fan to check if the wobble has stopped.

Home    Preparation    Instructions

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